Friday, July 18, 2008

Quick post before the weekend!

Googling yourself
Alrightyyyyy, I am not afarid to admit that I Google myself, and often. You never know what you are going to find. There are show reviews, mentions of Henry Rollins the pug and other random things. I found two of my headshots on their too. Once is so old (circa maybe 2000). I wish that was gone. Don't we all hate our old headshots? I remember thinking how fantastically professional b&w shots looked at the time. Then I was the chick for a long time who was the only one in b&w. So for the past few years I finally jumped to color.

-Had an amazing rehearsal last night. We were there until 11:30 last night. I love when you have a fantastic rehearsal and feel so connected to the material. However, with my scene partner going on vacation ( I don't even remember the last time I went on one of those), I have a feeling when we get back into the scene work, things will be rough again. Anyway, he will be all tan and relaxed and I will be all pale and frazzled. My boss said I should be better acquainted with the ever lovely Mystic Tan. Better to fake n' bake then cancer n' bake.

-Going to do Boychick this weekend. Really excited as I think my friend Nicole will be joining the cast. As I mentioned in an earlier blog about my friend Gabby, she is also in the show. Come just to see her as Penny. It's worth the price of a ticket to see her work her magic comedy genuis.

Have a lovely weekend,

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Nuns Gone Wild

Alissa-Nicole Koblentz (Sister Berthe),Mirai Booth-Ong (Sister Margaretta) and Taylor Pyles (Sister Christian) Just a silly thing we concocked backstage before our final performance of The Sound of Music. Have a laugh with us!