Monday, July 21, 2008

Boychick, Get Smart & Frozen Yogurt

Had a great weekend! Boychick was sold out yesterday. I think it was almost over sold. Starting next weekend, we are moving the "party" section of the show next door to the world famous "La Fonda". I think this is going to pump new blood and energy into our show.I will blog about the experience next week. Should be interesting. After seven months I thought Lenny and Lizzy Lizzard should have some new pictures taken. My eyeliner looks like a bad Cleopatra wanna be. When audience members comment on my make-up I always tell them " I did a semester at Barbazon and learned basic face."
We now have the side of the Hayworth Theatre painted with our show flyer. It looks amazing! I am amazing how they did that!

The rest of the weekend was great too! Tom and I went for sushi on Friday night and then on Saturday we went to see Get Smart. I think this was the first time we have been to the movie theatre in months. It was the first time we actually weren't distracted during the film either by the following elements:
-people texting
-babies crying
-people getting up and down
Did I mention I had some great frozen yogurt as well in downtown Burbank? I think it was some place called Yogurtize or something. I am obsessed with frozen yogurt. Best combination? Non-fat peanut butter with yogurt chips and or crushed peanuts. I loved it because it was one of those serve yourself places. My favorite yogurt place is YogurtLand in Sherman Oaks. Anyone who tells you Pinkberry is their haven, has not been to YogurtLand. If they need a spokesperson, I'd do it for free. Well, not free but for yogurt.
Took a few more pics of Henry Rollins this weekend too, relaxing on his fave spot, the couch. I gave him my leopard blanket when we first rescued him and he sleeps on it everyday.

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Nuns Gone Wild

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