Thursday, July 17, 2008

Have you Boychick yet?

My current show,THE BOYCHICK AFFAIR: The Bar Mitzvah of Harry Boychick is now in it's seventh month. It has been one of the most challenging and exciting experiences of my acting career. I have never been in an interactive comedy before. The challenge is to keep the show fresh, but also stick with some of the things that you know work. It has been such a great run so far. I love watching the audience interact with the cast and really get out of their comfort zone.

My favorite part of the show- by far is when everyone is having their meal and I go from table to table and take requests for Broadway shows. I often get Phantom, Cats, Wicked and Fiddler. However, I have had people tell me that I look like Idina Menzel, so I do a tribute to her (a bad medley of Wicked, Rent and See What I Wanna See). I love when people try to stump me with Sweeney Todd or anything Sondheim. My favorite mega mix though is of course Phantom when I play both the Phantom and Christine in a duet. Haven't seen me do this yet? Come on, you gotta go see this show!
The Boychick Affair is a great play not just for those who are Jewish, but anyone who has a family. Do not be afraid to admit your family is a little dysfunctional! I have to give a shout out to the other part of the duo, Sam who plays my brother Lenny. He is hysterical. I just look at him and crack up. He is witty and so fast with the quips. He is making me so much better at improv.

HAVE A LAUGH! HAVE A NOSH! Every Sunday @ The Hayworth Theatre! If you haven't come to see the show yet, check out these vendors for tickets:

Check out out show website for current reviews, cast photos and videos!

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Nuns Gone Wild

Alissa-Nicole Koblentz (Sister Berthe),Mirai Booth-Ong (Sister Margaretta) and Taylor Pyles (Sister Christian) Just a silly thing we concocked backstage before our final performance of The Sound of Music. Have a laugh with us!