Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Henry Rollins- the PUG

Yesterday after work, I took Henry Rollins over to visit my parents dog Newman. Newman is a three year old Labradoodle who was named after the character from Seinfeld. He is the happiest dog in the world. I think he is also one of the smartest. Anyways, my mom calls Henry, Newman's cousin and they love playing together. When we get close to Newman's house, Henry gets so overly excited in the car that I fear an accident will ensue. Once out of the car, he runs to the front door and cries until he is let in.

Henry Rollins is a rescue that Tom and I found through Little Angels Pug Rescue. We have had him for over a year.The vet thinks he is around four. His original name was Don Henry. He never responded to that name, so we changed it to Henry Rollins. He really is the coolest pug, so we named him after one of the coolest people ever.

Through this last year Henry has become more and more independent making the couch his home. He loves perching on the top of the couch trying to peer out the window. He is out mini mastiff and we love him so much. Besides walks, he loves food. If he was a person, he would probably be the world's fattest man. Seriously, all he wants to do is eat. We don't know too much about his previous home, but our vet told us he had to be the runt of the litter. When we take him to Newman's home he runs around like a savage looking for any drops of food. I try to remind him that Newman's house isn't a buffet. Sometimes when we eat, he just can't control himself he starts his little boy bark. Most of the time though, he tries to contain himself when possible. But PetCo can be a huge challenge. Or anywhere that food is, like Baja Fresh.

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Nuns Gone Wild

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